Welcome to the homepage for Husson University’s GAMERS (Games Anime Manga Entertainment Recreational Society) campaign featuring home brew rules for Changeling the Dreaming using modified rules from the latest World of Darkness supplements. As the founder of the club as well as the story teller for this campaign, I set out on a task to take the lovely settings of the old Changeling game and update the systems to the much more player friendly system that White Wolf has constructed for its latest World of Darkness games.

Due to the nature of the game, the campaign will be a wacky at times, dark and serious when need be, and mostly driven by self-set character goals. When in doubt, the campaign is going to be flexible in every which way, because the point of the game is to have fun. That said, the story tellers’ (meaning myself and Purin) word is final and rules lawyering is absolutely forbidden.

Husson Changeling 09

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