Changeling History

Long before humans walked the Earth, the Fae were here. From a far away place called Arcadia, they discovered this world and journeyed here through dreams – even the stones of the Earth dream in their way, and the Fae are creatures of Dream.

When Man first appeared, the Fae lived from his dreams. They walked the paths of both Arcadia and Earth with ease, and had no fear. Although they were largely invisible to all but the strongest Dreamers amongst the humans, both cultures inspired and learned from each other. Art and civilization flourished in a Golden Age.

Then something changed. The Fae call this time the Sundering. Travel to and from Arcadia became difficult and dangerous. Glamour, the stuff of Dreams, became scarce. Humanity chose distrust and caution over imagination. The gods of old became less an ideal than this nebulous “progress” which was pursued with such fervour.

Shortly before the Renaissance, Banality reared its ugly head. Humanity had moved from a faith in the supernatural, through ignorance, to a new and active disbelief. This time is called the Shattering.

With the Shattering came the end of the Mythic Age. Many Fae were lost to this streaming wind of Truth, their souls lost forever to the Dreaming. Most of the noble Sidhe retreated from Earth, returning to Arcadia through the last of the magical path-ways and Trods, and abandoning the commoners behind them, stranded on an inhospitable world.

The remaining Fae quickly developed the skill to build mortal “seemings” behind which to hide – facades through which Banality could not see them. They scavenged Glamour where they could, and built a social order from the remnants of their civilization. Even the Seelie and the Unseelie Courts came to a truce of sorts, unable to maintain their traditional war in the face of the cold Earth.

Before the Shattering, Fae who were slain walked the Dark Road through the Underworld, to be “re-born” in Arcadia. Now, commoners whose seemings were slain were re-born into human families, their own soul replacing that of the human child. Though Banality caused many Fae to forget their true natures, Many led a double existance, gaining what Glamour they could by inspiring rare Mortal Dreamers. Centuries passed. It was with great surprise, then, that the commoners found the Resurgence upon them in 1969. As man first walked on the Moon, a surge of Glamour triggered trods thought long destroyed. Riding out from these forgotten path-ways into the Dreaming came the Shining Host – the Sidhe returned to Earth. Exiled from Arcadia for reasons that none could remember, they set to reclaiming their ancestral places and Noble Title, and their right to rule the Kithain.

The resulting conflict is called the Accordance War. Commoners in North America fought Nobles for the right to maintain their long-held freedom. Nobles remembered nothing since they had departed Earth – to them, no time had passed, and they claimed their remembered place. After atrocities and heroics on both sides, a parley was eventually agreed upon. The coronation of the sidhe David Ardry of House Gwydion, the long-prophesied High King of the Empire of the Turtle (also called Concordia), brought the conflict to a close. In this Kingdom bigotry based on factors such as Kith, Title, House and Court still exist, but they are concealed under a facade of politeness and daily affairs. David Ardry’s coronation squelched the most vehement of the tensions of the Accordance War as he appealed to both common and noble fae and tried to build a kingdom sincerely dedicated to equality and the glory of the Dreaming.

Native Spirits – the Nunnehi – of North America have vowed to fight to the last to take back their Glens from the Invaders. Strange new Chimerical monsters, unknown creatures of the Dreaming, strike out against the Fae. Through it all, they must try to live their double lives, remembering their true Souls, but hiding from Banality behind their Seemings.

Changeling History

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