Changeling Kiths

The races in changeling are called kiths. The most common ones are described below, although the story teller has the right to limit the number of people playing sidhe as well as have in depth discussions on how to play a pooka (e.g. “no, it is NOT just playing a cat girl…”).

Kith: Boggan

Description: Workers and busybodies, house fairies, gnomes; the dream of the home and the hearth and the people who tend it. They are known for having two sets of eyebrows.

Boon: Boggans are extremely crafty and can create anything in 1/3rd of the time it would normally take other individuals to. Because of this, all boggans start with two levels of crafts free as well as one point of resources.

Flaw: Boggans are compelled to help out anyone who calls upon their assistance and have to make a willpower roll (three successes) to resist helping someone out if they are honestly in need of assistance.

Kith: Clurichaun

Description: Born with red hair and bright green eyes with short stature, these Irish fey are fond of drink and revelry, but do not have pots of gold or wishes to freely give out.

Boon: Clurichauns are quick fey that are known to disappear if someone takes their eyes off from them. Unless the character is bound in cold iron, if left unwatched, it can declare fair escape from combat or any sort of entrapment.

Flaw: Cluricahns are weak to alcohol as well as addicted. Every time the character sees alcohol, they must make a willpower check with three successes to avoid drinking. Once they start drinking, they must make a stamina check with at least one success or become drunk, singing sad songs and tales to whomever will listen. When drunk, they must also spend one willpower to resist any fights.

Kith: Manikin

Description: Constructed beings filled with an animating energy that blurs the boundaries between living beings and chimera. The dream of dolls and objects that gain a soul after a hundred years of existence, but also the frailness of never knowing love.

Boon: Manikins are extremely resilient and gain a bonus dot in stamina. Manikins are also technically not alive, and do not need to sleep, eat, or breathe, and cannot get sick.

Flaw: Manikins cannot feel emotions and lose three dice on all social challenges. Once a manikin goes through their crystalis, they lose all feelings and can only pretend to show emotion.

Kith: Nockers

Description: Technological beings, like dwarves and gremlins. The dream of technological creativity and creation of your dreams, but also the frustration which people feel when their dreams fail to meet up with reality. They possess rosy cheeks, pointy ears and noses.

Boon: Nockers are expert craftsmen and have one free level of crafts to show it. As the most crafty of the fey, they also gain one bonus dot in intelligence.

Flaw: Everything a nocker makes is flawed in some way. For some reason, this also extends to their personalities, which tend to be either obnoxious or tactless for unexplained reasons.

Kith: Piskey

Description: Dreams of child-like wonder and imagination, the nomadic wanderer and eternal adventurer. Piskies have (usually long) silver hair, olive colored skin, and large pointy ears with a relatively short frame. Piskies are generally helpful creatures who have traditionally served as messengers for courts.

Boon: Piskies are extremely nimble and gain a bonus point of dexterity at character creation. Piskies additionally are very social creatures with a key insight into how people feel and gain a bonus point of empathy also at character creation.

Flaw: Piskies are very much like kender in their unintentional kleptomania and typically forget how or why they picked up random items. If a piskey is next to an item they’d find desirable, they are forced to make a willpower check (gaining one success) or unintentionally acquire the item.

Kith: Pooka

Description: Tricksters, shapechangers, animal spirits; the dream of a carefree and less controlled life, similar to that of animals which the pooka have affinities with. All pooka possess at least some body parts of their animal form (e.g. ears and tail of a cat or a fox).

Boon: By spending one willpower, pooka are able to transform into their one animal form. This gives that alternate form one physical trait per three permanent points of glamour the character possesses as well as natural abilities the animal possesses (e.g. Glibby the Armadillo Pooka has 6 permanent glamour and gains +2 stamina in his animal form as well as the ability to dig quickly). Pooka are also born with a silver tongue and gain a point of manipulation at character creation.

Flaw: Pooka are unable to ever tell a straight truth. If the pooka does make that mistake, they take a variable amount of banality. The pooka can spend a point of willpower to painfully tell one true and straightforward answer.

Kith: Redcaps

Description: Murderers and cannibals, monsters, hobgoblins; formed from the bottomless hunger which people felt in the depth of winter and the desperation which people felt to fight their hunger. They have grey or blue skin and rows of sharp teeth similar to a shark.

Boon: Redcaps can eat ANYTHING. By spending a point of glamour, a redcap can quickly chew through anything in the space of ten seconds, up to a car-sized object. As one of the more brutal races, they also start with two levels of brawl.

Flaw: In order to use any arts, redcaps have to dye a special item (any sort of hat) in fresh blood. This blood has to be restored once every full moon and if the redcap’s hat is ever stolen, they must first procure a new hat and dye it in blood in order to access their arts.

Kith: Satyrs

Description: Lovers and revelers, goat men; Formed from the deep passions and lusts of mortals. They possess the hindquarters of a goat and horns.

Boon: Satyrs are gifted with instruments and gain a free level in expression with a focus in musical instruments. By spending a point of glamour, a satyr can make an expression + manipulation check to subdue or heighten already existing emotions in a target. As the more athletic of kiths, they can run twice as fast as normal.

Flaw: Satyrs are weak willed and are easily influenced by any magic that influences emotions, giving three bonus dice to all checks involving the altering of a satyr’s mood or attempting to control them.

Kith: Selkies

Description: Beautiful men and women tied to the seas; the dreams of the ocean and finding treasures on the high seas. Their eyes hold the waves of the ocean.

Boon: Selkies are beautiful and gain striking looks 2 (presence +1) for free. They are also excellent swimmers and can even turn into seals (gaining dexterity +1) at will.

Flaw: Every selkie has a coat that holds their faerie soul. If the coat is destroyed (which is only possible by cold iron or fire), then the character is turned into a normal mortal for the rest of their life. A coat can take 10 points of damage before being destroyed, and it does not give the selkie any armor.

Kith: Sidhe

Description: The nobility, Lords and Ladies, elves, the Shining Host; the dream of all that is noble and honourable in leaders, but also the arrogance of many leaders. Sidhe have pointy ears and are typically thin and lithe.

Boon: Sidhe are extremely beautiful and gain striking looks 4 (presence +2). Any art that would make a sidhe look foolish (e.g. a banana peel appearing under a sidhe’s feet) automatically fails.

Flaw: Sidhe receive double banality damage. Sidhe also are -1 on all tests in areas of high banality or when banality is actively used against them.

Kith: Sluagh

Description: Keepers of secrets, bogeymen, shadows; the dream of all creepy-crawly which crawl about in the dark of the night, tap on the windows and can never be seen in the clear light. Sluagh have pale skin with deep pits under their eyes and tend to be almost anorexically thin.

Boon: Sluagh are tightly tied with the spiritual realms and have heightened senses (all) for free. They are also extremely flexible and can escape from bondage with a simple dexterity test (requiring one success).

Flaw: Sluagh cannot speak above a whisper and suffer all the negative effects of having heightened senses turned on all the time.

Kith: Trolls

Description: Honour-bound warriors, titans, giants; the dream of the honorable and chivalric warrior. Trolls are light blue skinned, have short horns, and are extremely tall, typically coming close to seven feet.

Boon: Trolls are physical powerhouses and possess an extra level of strength and stamina.

Flaw: Trolls are bound to their word of honor, and if they ever break an oath, they immediately suffer -5 to all tests and cannot use arts until they atone for their actions.

Changeling Kiths

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