Changeling Merits

Listed on this page are specific merits that relate to the changeling world.


Each point adds one to starting temporary glamour for each session.


Title replaces status in the changeling world. No player character should enter play with more than two points of title (except for sidhe who receive an extra point of title at character creation). Title can be earned in one of two ways- through questing OR through a character with at least two points higher title bestowing the title on an individual they believe is worthy (e.g. a baron can make a squire a knight, but a baron cannot make a knight a baron), although this typically also involves an oath of fealty. The accompanying title names can be found below.

Level 1- Squire

Level 2- Knight/Dame

Level 3- Baron/Baroness

Level 4- Duke/Duchess

Level 5- King/Queen


Faerie treasures are just about any magical item one can think of. The ST has full control over treasure creation, although players may request specific types of treasures at character creation. Nockers are the only kith that can create treasures during the campaign, although the Dreaming has plenty of treasures hidden in its depths if characters go on quests to find them.

Merits for Specific Kiths

Changeling Merits

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