Experience Points

Instead of the traditional White Wolf experience scale, we’ll be using something a little different.

First off, in terms of character creation, as the story teller is simply making character sheets for everyone based off from what they say they want for their character, we can skip that entire step and leap straight into role playing and avoid any munchkin wackiness that some of you would otherwise be tempted to do.

Here’s the ways you can earn experience points:

Attend the Weekly Gaming Session and Play- 1 pt

Role Play Your Character and Advance Plot- 1 pt

Other Random Stuff TBA- 1 pt

Soft Role Play On-line (through live journal; rewarded once a week as per the ST’s discretion)- 1 pt

As always, earning experience points is up to the storyteller to determine. You will be allowed to spend experience points on our game nights BEFORE you play your character for the night and PLEASE come prepared with an idea of what you wish to spend your experience on.

Buying Stuff

Listed below are the costs of items to purchase with your precious experience.

Core attributes: Level of the new dot x3 (e.g. to buy strength 4, you need to spend 12 experience points)

Skill points: Level of the new dot x1

Backgrounds: As per ST discretion on a case by case basis

Most Arts: Level of the new dot x2

More Obscure Arts: Level of the new dot x3 (this reflects a non-sidhe learning sovereign, a non-denizen learning zeitgeist, a sidhe learning metamorphosis, and so forth)

Additional glamour, willpower, or banality: Level of the new dot x2

Why are we using this experience system instead of the NWoD one?

It’s an experiment and I want to see how it works. So please bare with me with this and the rest of the other home brewed Tom Foolery.

Experience Points

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