What is Changeling?

Changeling is a game of playing a faerie soul inside of a mortal human (a kithain) while trying to make the world a nicer place to live in (spreading glamour) while avoiding everything that is boring and wrong with the world (known as banality). It is set as a modern fantasy with our campaign in a fictional version of Bangor. Changeling was part of White Wolf’s old World of Darkness and this campaign uses homebrew rules to utilize the much nicer system put forth in the new World of Darkness games.

Why Not Just Use the New Changeling?

All in all, the new World of Darkness material really isn’t that great. The old settings for Changeling were richly developed and filled with the lighter side of life and wacky adventures while battling against the boring adult world. The new Changeling has little hope for player characters and is a dreary and dark world.

I’m familiar with the old changeling as well as the new World of Darkness. What other changes can I expect to find?

One of the more major changes is how the campaign deals with seelie and unseelie. Each character has both aspects, but the concept of having one key descriptive word for each has been thrown out the window. Please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Changeling_The_Dreaming and read about the two courts and decide which one your character best fits into.

Realms have been thrown out the window, because it’s asinine to have to put precious experience points into what you can affect with your powers. Instead, some kiths have an easier time affecting certain things than others. For example, a nocker making a socially based challenge against a machine is going to be easier for the character than trying to influence a mortal. Eshu and sidhe, on the other hand, have a much easier time working with mortals than machinery.

What is a kithain?

Most of the player characters will be kithain, the changelings that took human bodies to starve off the forces of banality. Each player character has two lives- the mundane life (such as a student, starving artist, etcetera) and their fae life (the noble swordsman, creepy wizard, beautiful princess, etcetera). Kithain feed off from glamour and are hurt by banality. Kithain also use glamour to cast cantrips.

What is glamour?

Glamour is the stuff the fuels imaginations. Children playing games, artists creating paintings, musicians playing music, and much more are the stuff that fuels the dream world and keeps changelings alive. Glamour also serves as the source of magic in this setting.

Magic? Would that be the cantrips you mentioned earlier?

Yes it is. Changelings have various types of magic called arts, and each art has five cantrips associated with it, going from very basic effects to insanely powerful abilities. These abilities are further explained in additional documents.

So what is banality and why is it a bad thing?

Banality is everything that is wrong with the world. This ranges from murder to paper work to bureaucracy. Aside from being just plain annoying, it can literally destroy changeling souls. It makes a changeling age through seemings faster as well as makes them forget themselves. The ST will help regulate this system, so you don’t have to worry about it too much.

Seemings? Make them forget themselves?

Changelings have three seemings, the youngest being childer, the middle group being wilders, and the oldest group being grumps. Childlings are the children of the fae; wilders are the teenagers; grumps are the old people, and all the groups resemble as such. It’s usually through banality that someone advances a seeming, although the fae also forgets them self for a while afterwards. If a grump gains a permanent point of banality, they must make a special roll to prevent from being permanently destroyed and becoming ordinary people.

What Sort of Dangers Await Kithain?

In the dreaming, dream creatures, called chimera, can be very dangerous to the kithain as well as other non-player character fae groups (Nunnehi, Thallain, and Denizens) and also kithain who personally disagree with player characters.

In the real world (called the Autumn World by the changelings), kithain are threatened by businessmen, schoolteachers, and other sources of banality. Additionally, there are fey corrupted by banality that become dauntain- previous kithain who actively wield banality as a weapon.

Why are Pooka a controlled kith?

Pooka are a very tough role-playing challenge because they lack the ability to tell the truth. Many people very falsely play pooka thinking that they’re the quick and dirty path to playing a cat girl and those people need to be shot out of an airlock.


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