Kith Specific Merits

Red Cap Merits

Granite Skin oo

Description: Some redcaps are tougher than others. Some, in fact, are a great deal tougher than others, in part because in fae mein, their skin is quite literally, stone. The stone is not more than skin deep, thankfully – it’s quite literally an epidermal layer, and that’s all. However, it does make a redcap a great deal tougher than she might be normally, as well as leaving small flakes and chips of stone behind every time she bends or flexes. A redcap with Granite Skin has the equivalent of two levels of armor at all times, with no area of her anatomy considered unarmored.

Unforgettable Taste oo

Description: In a sense, redcaps are the fae world’s most sincere epicures. They’ve got a taste for everything, and they never forget a taste. However, some of them do it a bit better at it than others, especially when moving food is involved. A redcap with Unforgettable Taste has a remarkable knack for remembering the taste of everything she’s ever eaten, and being able to identify it instantly if she tastes it again. Furthermore, the merit grants the ability to sense where the nearest supply of that taste might be. Under normal circumstances, that’s fairly unremarkable. Being able to tell where the nearest batch of chocolate mousse or porterhouse stead is really doesn’t do too much in the grand scheme of things. On the other hand, if the redcap has gotten a bite of someone, the merit serves as an excellent way to track that meal. Creative redcaps have found other uses for this power, including tracking down poisons.

Troll Merits

Granite Skin oo

Description: As the Redcap merit.

Nature Linked o

Description: Legends are full of incidents concerning the connection to nature and strength; this Merit represents the positive aspects of such tales. Possessors of this Merit have a near mystical link to nature and all living, growing things in their own environment. They are rarely lost, and can find food and shelter easily, almost as if nature itself is seeing to their needs.

Nocker Merits

Tunnel Vision oo

Description: Most nockers are adept at working under low light and in poor visibility conditions, but you have inherited a gift from the original goblin miners. You can see in absolute darkness as though it was daylight; you suffer no vision penalties under such conditions. You can also see better than most in fog, mist, and other situations where visibility is obscured.

Work with Iron oooo

Description: Most nockers cannot abide the touch of iron in any way, but your skin is resistant to its bite for some reason. This ability allows you to work in many real-world situations, and other nockers envy you, though they also consider your condition somewhat respect. This Merit is essentially the same a Iron Resistance; however, not only are you immune to iron, but your chimerical works are similarly resistant.

Satyr Merits

Sexual Reverie oo

Description: Satyrs are legendary in bed, and owners of this merit can gain glamour through the act of sex.

Gut Instincts ooo

Description: When you’ve got a direct line to the more primal of your instincts, you benefit from the ability to act without thinking first. In certain situations, this instinctiveness can be a very good thing. You may not always know why you are doing what you are, but once the dust has cleared, you realize it was the correct move. This Merit nullifies the effects of surprise and permits you to act normally, though you may not attack, only defend.

Sluagh Merits

Dexterous Toes o

Description: Hands tied? Too many things to hold? Not to worry – with Dexterous Toes you can work equally well with hands or feet. A slaugh with this Merits can do anything she can do with her hands (fire a gun, draw, play a musical, etc.) just as well with her feet. Of course a sluagh carting items with her toes will be unable to walk.

Night Sight oo

Description: Night blinds many eyes, but not yours. Regardles of the lighting conditions, your eyes adjust automatically, so that you can see equally well at high noon or midnight. The adjustment is instantaneous, so that if you are standing in a dark room and someone lights a candle, you are not blinded.

Friends to Spiders ooo

Description: This Merit might be more properly called ‘Friend to Arthropods,’ but it was with spiders that the sluagh first spoke, and the name remains. Nor is the relationship implied in the Merit’s name as much a friendship as it is a business transaction, but even the sluagh have their sacrosanct traditions. If you are a Friend to Spiders, you can speak to all manner of creeping, crawling creatures. While the conversation isn’t as much an exchange of pleasantries as it is a swap of images and impressions, a tremendous amount of information can be gained by speaking with spiders in this fashion. Recent passersby can be noted, changed in the wind (and what they bear) can be uncovered, and other bits of vital information that might otherwise have passed you by can be gleaned from taking the time to speak with eight-legged informants. The number of successes indicates the clarity of the information learned.

Pooka Merits

Physical Abnormality oo to ooooo

Description: One of your animal’s abilities transfers into your non-animal form. This could range from prehensile feet or a prehensile tail to claws to a scorpion’s stinger. The more useful the item, the higher the cost at ST’s discretion.

Poisonous Attack ooooo

Description: Your animal form is capable of delivering a dangerous attack. After a successful bite/sting/claw attack, you can spend a point of glamour to pump poison into the victim. Roll a number of dice equal to your fae soul and inflict 3x damage to the target for each success.

Boggan Merits

Unlimited Kitchen Works oo

Description: Boggans are guardians of the home, and you’re no exception. By spending a point of willpower, and making a willpower roll, you can summon a common household item for combat, be it a broom, frying pan, or rolling pin. The successes gained indicate the bonus dice for the improvised weapon.

Guard of the Home o

Description: When defending a place you call home, you gain a bonus to all defenses equal to your fae soul.

Cluricauhn Merits

Drunken Fist o to ooooo

Description: Each level of this merit bestows a special ability for the Cluricauhn during unarmed combat. This ability only works if the user is drunk.

o: Do a Barrel Roll- Dodge around an opponent as a move action to punch them in the back.

oo: Luck o’ the Irish- Double the user’s combat defense by spending one will power per round.

ooo: Piercing Strike- Ignore armor on the target.

oooo: Looting Punch- After a successful attack, roll dexterity + larceny to lift an item off from a target.

ooooo: Down-Quarter-Circle-Forward + A- By igniting the alcohol in the blood, the user can deliver a fiery uppercut dealing 3x damage.

Kith Specific Merits

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