Noble Houses

Upon character creation, every sidhe belongs to a noble house and gains an additional boon and flaw. Commoners (typically called ever other damn race in the dreaming) may join noble houses after swearing oaths and possibly doing complicated tests demonstrating their loyalty, at which point they also gain the house boon and flaw.

House Aisen

Description: The sidhe of House Aesin originally came from Scandinavia, and call themselves the “Guardians of the North”. House Aesin are lords over nature and able to speak to animals, but have little sympathy for commoners that don’t know their place. Though highly dutiful and honorable warriors, the majority of House Aesin are Unseelie.

Boon: Aisen members are able to speak with animals.

Flaw: Aisen members are unable to emotionally relate to anyone of lower status than themselves, and also lose three dice on all social interactions with individuals not of at least their rank and station.

House Ailil

Description: The most widespread and influential of the Unseelie houses. Members of House Ailil are political maneuverers without peer, although proud to a fault.

Boon: Members of House Ailil gain two dice on all non-cantrip manipulation and subterfuge rolls.

Flaw: Members of House Ailil are extremely condescending and have to spend one point of willpower to ever admit that they were wrong.

House Dougal

Description: A house with little political power, but probably the most practical of all the noble houses. Members of this house are usually excellent crafters, and smiths.

Boon: Dougal members can convert willpower to glamour or vice versa once per day.

Flaw: Dougal members all suffer from one sort of physical deformity.

House Eiluned

Description: The “house of secrets”, these nobles are known for their mysterious natures, their love of intrigue and their skills with the Arts.

Boon: Spend one point of willpower to add an extra die to a cantrip attempt.

Flaw: Eiluned members must make a willpower check to avoid listening in to conversations or rumor mongering at any given opportunity.

House Fiona

Description: This house is the most popular among the commoners, and tends to be the loosest in its interpretation of tradition (at least among the Seelie houses). They are known for their exceeding bravery, and tendency to get involved in epic tragic romances.

Boon: Fiona members are immune to any form of fear.

Flaw: Fiona members always have tragic love relationships, which always end up in spectacular failure at a level that Captain Kirk cringes.

House Gwydion

Description: The most powerful of the noble houses, politically, they see themselves as the true rulers of the fae. They are able to divine the truth from lies, and have an unfortunate tendency to go berserk in battle.

Boon: Gwydion members can make a willpower check to see if a person is lying (although not what they are lying about, and this is a yes/no answer, so partial truths don’t count).

Flaw: Gwydion members enter a rage when their honor is insulted or they become heavily wounded. To avoid this rage, the Gwydion must spend a point of will power and make a will power check, gaining at least three successes.

House Leanhaun

Description: The most artistic of the Unseelie houses suffers from a curse that causes them to age at an accelerated rate. They are able to retard this effect with Glamour, and reverse it with the Glamour gained from a terrible and forbidden form of Ravaging called “Rhapsody”.

Boon: Leanhaun members receive an additional point of presence and a point of persuasion at character creation.

Flaw: Leanhaun members age one year for every week unless they spend a point of glamour (and can even remove years by spending additional points of glamour). They also suffer a -1 penalty for being a wilder, and a -2 penalty for being a grump, on every physical challenge.

House Liam

Description: The defenders of mortals, those of this house are those most likely to retain strong ties to humans. They are known for their skill in affecting mortals with Glamour, but are dishonored, and considered oathbroken to the other houses.

Boon: Liam members can automatically enchant mortals and are up one die on all cantrips affecting mortals.

Flaw: Liam members start with an additional point of banality and are treated as though they have one point less of title than they actually possess.

House Scathach

Description: These sidhe are the only house to remain on Earth during the Interregnum en masse, and as such, reincarnate much as the commoners do. They are unaffected by Banality’s Curse, but are unable to use the Art of Sovereign. They are silent and skilled warriors, but often fall into bloodlust while in combat. They are reviled by the other houses even more than House Liam, as they are not even considered to be true sidhe.

Boon: Sidhe do not suffer double banality of this house. All scathach members gain two extra points of stealth and are unnaturally silent in combat.

Flaw: Scathach members have to spend a point of willpower to leave combat while there are still enemies present that can fight. Additionally, members of house Scathach cannot learn sovereign.

House Varich

Description: A Russian house named after the progeny of the Sun and the Moon. Members of this Unseelie house are able to see the patterns in anything, and consider themselves to be masters over the manikins. They are unable to swear oaths of love, and must answer any and all challenges brought before them.

Boon: If a Varich member studies some action for three rounds while doing nothing else, they gain two dice to any rolls including the action of their study.

Flaw: Varich members cannot fall in love and have to accept any challenges that they’re issued. If they refuse a challenge, they lose one point of willpower per day until they accept the challenge.

Switching Houses

Characters may switch houses by breaking oaths and making new ones, with consequences up to the story teller (and also the normal issue of breaking an oath as outlined in the oaths section). The character loses the old house boon and flaw, and takes the new house’s boon and flaw. House Chythraul oddly doesn’t require the breaking of an oath nor do the nobles lose their old boon or flaw.

Noble Houses

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