Frozen Hearts is settled on territory that once belonged to the Penobscot Nation and their native changelings, the Nunnehi. Below are four unique playable races built out of Abenaki legends. These races replace the ones in the canon, none of which actually capture the spirit of the local tribes in Maine.

Also included below is information on the medicine bag (an essential item for all nunnehi) and the nunnehi’s unique art of spirit link.

Tribe: Azeban

Description: Ancestral spirits of transformation and trickery. The Azeban are connected intimately with the animals and share many characteristics with them.

Boon: Azeban all heavily resemble one type of native creature to the Abenaki lands and gain one small advantage of that animal. The azeban can also transform into their animal form over the period of three rounds.

Flaw: The azeban are always distracted and require a willpower check to concentrate on any task for any given length of time beyond a few moments.

Tribe: Giwakwa

Description: Ancestral spirits of dark emotions and evil deeds. The Giwakwa have pale red skin and black eyes and tall, skeletally thin bodies.

Boon: Giwakwa are masters of knowing the darkness in man’s heart and can make a willpower check against a target’s permanent banality to determine one sinister deed the character wishes to perform. Giwakwa are also stealthy hunters and receive a bonus dot in stealth.

Flaw: The darkness that surrounds the giwakwa emanates through their entire being. Other characters will be unnerved and usually distrustful of any given giwakwa. Even the rare friends of the giwakwa will feel uneasy around the dark nunnehi.

Tribe: Awkwossis “The Little-people”

Description: Ancestral spirits of the home and safe-haven. The Awkyssis are small of stature with bright eyes and big noses.

Boon: The awkwossis have the knack to get into just about anywhere. No known lock has ever been able to keep them out. With the expenditure of a point of willpower, an awkwossis can instantly move past a locked door as though they teleported.

Flaw: If the awkwossis is given tribute or present, they cannot cause harm to the person that bestowed the gift or tribute for a full day. Even if the awkwossis could be motivated to attack the presenter, their arts fail and their weapons become too heavy to wield.

Tribe: Skibakw

Description: Ancestral spirits of the woods and nature. The Skibakw all have leaves for hair and skin the color of bark.

Boon: Their unique ties to the woodlands allow them to speak freely with trees and plants. They also benefit by being able to reap medicine (aka glamour) from places of great natural beauty.

Flaw: The skibakw face a dangerous defect in the way that they suffer banality when removed from nature. In any man-made aspect of civilization (e.g cities, cars, stores), the skibakw suffer one point of temporary banality for each hour (or scene) they are exposed.

Nunnehi Carried Item- The medicine bag

Description: The medicine bag is vital to all nunnehi to be able to gather glamour (aka medicine) as well as use arts in general. Individual medicine bags vary from person to person, but have small items (usually from nature) that have some deep meaning to the nunnehi. At character creation, each nunnehi starts off with an additional point of glamour. The downside is that if the medicine bag is ever destroyed, the character gains one permanent banality and cannot regain any glamour or use arts until they construct a new bag.

Nunnehi Art- Spirit Link

Level 1: World Sight

Effect: The nunnehi can see aspects of the spirit world. When looking at individuals, they take on certain animal aspects that explain their personality and behaviors. It can also reveal if a person is under the influence of a power (though not what the power actually is) and if a person/area is cursed. This also allows the nunnehi to see and interact with wraiths.

Level 2: Ancestor Speech

Wits + Occult

Effect: This cantrip allows the nunnehi to contact a blood ancestor or an ancestor of their tribe. The ancestor can give insight into the present or past, but never the future.

Level 3: Vision Quest

Wits + Occult

Effect: This cantrip allows the nunnehi to have brief glimpses into the future or how to solve a present problem. The number of successes varies how cryptic the message appears to the character and any direct messages are usually given through the character’s totem spirit.

Level 4: Placate

Manipulation + Persuasion vs willpower

Effect: The nunnehi is able to placate a spirit and send it on to the higher hunting ground (the umbra). If the spirit is unknown, the nunnehi can instead target a place the spirit haunts or the person being possessed.

Level 5: Spirit Dance

Presence + Occult vs willpower

Effect: The nunnehi is able to exact direct control over a spirit (or an entire group of spirits), and even summon spirits from the higher hunting grounds. Each success allows the nunnehi to control one additional spirit or extend the reach of the contract by one day (with one success, the nunnehi can control one spirit for one day). At the end of the duration of the cantrip, the nunnehi is expected to offer some sort of tribute, and spirits have been known to turn and attack unthankful nunnehi.

Nunnehi Combo Art- Spirit Walk

Requirements: Wayfare 2, Spirit Link 1

Experience Cost: 6 (Husson Campaign); 15 (normal NWoD)

Cost: 1 glamour

Effect: The nunnehi is able to step freely into the spirit world (the umbra) with any number of targets that they touch. The glamour cost is only one way, so to return again, the nunnehi must spend another point of glamour. To force someone against their will into the umbra, the nunnehi has to make a wits + spirit link check against the target’s permanent willpower.


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