The Escheat

The Escheat are the list of common laws that all changelings (whether it be kithain, nunnehi, or dark-kin) follow. The laws were formed to protect the Dreaming and its inhabitants. Whereas the Dreaming doesn’t provide penalties for breaking the Escheat directly, many commoner motleys and nobles alike will punish offenders brutally. Whereas the original law was written by the kithain and mention the kithain specifically, the law was extended to all fae groups following the War of Winter as signed by leaders of all the different groups in the Treatise of Winter’s Darkest Night.

The Right of Demesne

A lord is the king of his domain. He is the judge and jury over all crimes, large and small. His word is law. A noble expects obedience from his vassals and respect from all others. In return, a noble respects those lords superior to him.

The Right to Dream

Mortals have a right to dream unhindered by our needs. No one is allowed to use Glamour to manipulate the creative process. Although you may inspire creativity in the mortal mind, it is forbidden to give direct instruction or to infuse a human with raw Glamour.

Note: Enchanting mortals is usually not seen as violating this tenet as the Mists tamper with the memories of mortals. Supernaturals, such as werewolves, vampires, and mages, are except from this protected status.

The Right of Ignorance

Do not betray the Dreaming to Banality. Never reveal yourself to humanity.

The Right of Rescue

All Kithain have the right to expect rescue from the foul grip of Banality. Kithain are required to rescue other faeries or any creature of the Dreaming trapped by those who serve Banality.

The Right of Save Haven

All Kithain and chimera who seek refuge in places of the dreaming must be admitted. Freeholds and other places of the Dreaming must be kept free of Banality and worldly violence.

The Right of Life

No Kithain shall spill the lifeblood of another Kithain. No Kithain shall bring salt tears upon the earth. No Kithain shall take from the dreaming one of its own.

Note: If a fae kills another fae, they receive temporary banality equal to half of the permanent glamour that the killed fae possessed. If the fae wielded cold iron to kill another fae, they recieve temporary banality equal to the permanent glamour that the killed fae possessed.

The Escheat

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